Sunday, December 20, 2009


In true Barby fashion, I decided to start AND finish my Christmas shopping today (did I say finish? I didn't) my patients level was at 3 1/2 which leads me to notice that most children are bad bad kids, old people walk reeeeeally slow and that I can't go that long without Carbs or I will fight you at the mall. Elijah and I finally got settled and I am so exhausted and this week is going to be busy and crazy. I had to cancel my girly Christmas party I throw at my place every year cause I have so much on my plate, BUT it's Christmas so dink your eggnog and shut yur pie hole.

ELijah and I....

Mom: So, do you remember when you realized there was no Santa?
Son: Yeah, I was 9, remember?
Mom: I remember but do you remember being sad?
Son: Yeah, I was like THIS IS ALL A LIE?
Mom: If it makes you feel better ALL the kids get that lie...and then some
Son: Lame, whats next? the Easter bunny too?

I didn't have the heart to tell him!

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