Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I came so close...

so close that on one of my NY trips last month I went as far as walking into a salon and was ready to do it, we ran into the problem that she didn't have the tools to remove the beads that whole my extentions in, I feel a big change is needed, I already decided that I am going to take my back tattoo one step further and have it extended to my shoulder, and I can very much see myself getting the balls to do this (after all it's just hair, right?) what do you call a midlife crisis when you're not midlife yet? it's time for something crazy and fun, I have earned my bad assness..ish!


  1. don't do it, you hair is too petty

    Just get more tattoo's and a new man and you will fell better.

  2. Oh honey...you can sooooooo pull this off. Fierce! Do it do it do it!!