Friday, February 12, 2010


I talked a lot about you today, which made me want to see your face as soon as I got home. I had a good cry tonight, in fact, I don't know if I even cried this hard when I found out we lost you. My heart breaks when I think of you, I'm mad at myself for not looking harder for you that year. I still remember our last phone conversation, I still remember the sound of your voice, your hands, your skin, your laugh, I miss you Spencer, I miss you more tonight then I ever have. I just hope that you truly knew how much I adore you, because I know how much you cared for me, I will never forget how loving you were. The dream I had the other night was so real, I got to hug you for a long time, tight, I looked at you and told you I missed you and you gave me the sweetest look and then you stuck your finger in my nose, and you laughed, like you have never done that to me before. I was so lucky to have had you in my life, Thank you for loving me back, you are and will always be in my heart. I kiss the sky!

I'm going to eat a cookie and go to bed.
I love you pookie!

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