Monday, August 9, 2010

Conan O'Brien

My love affair with this tall redheaded drink of water began long long ago. When I still had a bed time and rarely even made it threw the whole show. He put me to bed. He made me laugh. He introduced me to music. He made me feel better after a long day. So much that in 2003, my Boyfriend at the time (who I lost 2 years ago) picked me up from JFK airport early one morning, and took me straight to the NBC studio's, and surprised me with Conan tickets. He knew I loved him that much, and would scream for joy. Which I did, when he broke the news that we weren't just having coffee at the cafe downstairs from the studio. I kept hitting him (which is my way of showing love and excitement).

I will never forget when he came out from behind that blue curtain. There he was, tall, handsome. His red hair was shinny and so tightly combed. If you touched it, you would spit on any other hair that your fingers would ever run through. Going your whole life searching for something to fulfill you like that again. Comparing every head to the glorious mane of Coana's. FOREVERRRR!


The first guest was Scarlet Johansson (who at the time was not a house hold name) and the musical group was "My Morning Jacket". I forgot who the other guest was, because I was trying to get some camera time, and sitting up straight, making sure they got my good side, and that I laughed the loudest at all his jokes.

Tonight, I miss him. Like an old boyfriend who made me laugh a lot, then left, and never checks on you again (the story of my life). I'm not mad, Conan. I know you had to leave. Which makes this an even more endearing love story. I know you wanted to stay. I can't wait for you to come home!

Mama misses you!

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