Saturday, January 8, 2011

Roxy Music

Oh yes, who could forget this fabulous band that came fresh out of the 70's. Well, they are back on Europe (always a catch). I have always wanted a Bryan Ferry come back. Bryan did lend his voice to a Groove Armada song this year called Shameless (which this Groove Armada- Black lights album is on of my top of 2010).

There's been a lot of voices in our time, but I think Ferry's voice has still remained one of a kind, untouched and wondrous.  I pity the fool who even attempts to channel the Ferry. I'm happy to hear about their come back. Maybe they will grace the good old US of A with their Glam Rock and timeless presence.

A while back I read that this Roxy Music album cover got votes one of the worst album covers ever. Who voted? A bunch of blind religious people?  I don't see anything wrong with this album cover...whats soooo eeeever! Roxy Music was glam and sex. Fitting, if you ask me.

I came across this while searching for this blog post.
I've never seen the movie "Flash back of a fool"
But, it will be tracking it down today.

I love when movies combined with music end up with a classic scene.
Like this!

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  1. Flashbacks of a Fool is available to watch on Netflicks - you can watch it on your computer RIGHT NOW!