Monday, April 23, 2012

God Bless The 70's


  1. Amen sister. Bow-chicka-bow-wow. I Love me some 70's. Where the men were men and the women didn't mind it so much.

    PS God I love Boston. I had a spiritual experience when I was little. Long drive from Craig Colorado. Sun was dropping as we were coming out of the canyon, on I80. Then the slow opening of "Something About You" comes on. It was otherworldly. And gave me the wicked chills.

  2. Your funny, you say God bless... Thought you were agnostic....

  3. Anonymous- I think what you meant to say is You're funny. Not "your". Unless you're saying that's my funny? Then I wouldn't question your grammar but more your stupidity.

    And it's non of your business what I believe in or not believe in. The only way you would comment about the "agnostic" is if you were on my Facebook, and at this point I not only question your stupidity, but your free time you're waisting commenting on me using the word GOD on my blog.

    This is clearly YOUR funny.

  4. Your/ You're. .. Both funny... Great pics though. God bless