Saturday, October 3, 2009

Barby Time

As I now look forward to some down time after a crazy busy week of assisting with a 2 day shoot and shooting for the cover of "IN'" today on top of working every night and trying to make sure E.J still remembers who I am and maintain my house which means laundry, cleaning, and trying to squeeze in some sleep in between all that so as crazy as I am at the moment, I seem to enjoy the chaos... my flight back to New York in the Morning will bring me some peace and quite, just me, my IPod and my thoughts. It will be nice to relax and have a drink (I have not touched a lick of alchi *besides what comes in my cough syrup* since the night of my party) I am sleeping in, eating good, getting creative with my camera in the city and having some fun with"Him" awwww yeeeah!

Picture taken By Me in 2007

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