Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hotel Costes

I'm a huge Hotel Costes fan. The boutique style hotels not only perfect the ambiance but they have a collection of CD's that "Brand"this Glamorous name. I have always said that the Hotel Costes has perfected branding. Sleek. Sexy. Classy. Captivating. Seductive. Perfect.

I was lucky enough to stay at this Hotel during my first visit to Paris. At night, it turns into the coolest lounge bar, where they play these mixes and it makes the experiences even more exquisite.

I want my life to be one big Hotel Costes experience.
But that would "Costes" too much.
Get it? 
Ok. Enough out of me.


  1. Somehow I came across your blog for the first time today and babe i gotta tell ya - as far as Mazzy Star, True Romance, Hotel Costes, Paris, Ugg Boots and Love are concerned, I'm with you 100%. With muchas gracias for makin my Monday morning, love from Sydney, Australia :) xox

  2. Well. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Australia? I wanna come visit ;)

    But for real, thank you for the love!