Sunday, January 3, 2010

Barby, in her natural habitat.

I spent last night with my friends for a well needed New Years night out in my hood ( I so needed this) we ended up at the "LMFAO" concert, I gathered some of the craziest and hilarious quotes from the night...and one silly video clip.

"I'm fucked up but I know what I'm doing" -Phoenix

"Won't your vagina give you a rest?"- Brandy, in regards to my Vagina

"I don't need nothing in life..but whatever is in this bottle..I need A LOT more of"- Katie

"And the next thing you know..I had her choked up against a window..."- Barby

"You didn't shank her? don't you Mexican always have knifes on you?"- Des, in regards to my quote

"I didn't go to the hospital BUT I nearly died and everyone is blaming me"- Jammie

"Does anyone one want tacos?"- Anonymous

"This break is brought to you by me, cuz I gotta pee" Garrett. in regards to stopping the limo on the way home

"Handle yoo shit"- Delisha, in regards to Garrett's quote

"Somebody shit on the coats"- Dylan

"Thank god I didn't go out tonight" -Jess, in regards to NOT going out with us

"Oh shit, I need a little video of this" Jumper

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