Sunday, January 17, 2010

Miss Gigi De Ville Rehearsal #1

The first Voodoo Darlings rehearsal for the February 20th show took place tonight, I captured the my first attempt to this song which I rehearsed with Danny (an amazing singer and one of Salt Lakes most talented theater actors) it will start out with me singing the first part then it will continue on with him as I do a little dance/strip tease (after all, she is a tramp) this was the first attempt and as you can tell it's a little rough and silly, so go easy on us, I am so excited for this "Rat Pack" theme show this year, we are kinda a big deal here and we always have such a great time. I am sure I will be posting more as the month of rehearsals continue.


  1. That's why there's only one Barby with a Y Bytch!

  2. There is actually a couple if you google the name but non that do silly dances and shares it with the world, Ya knoW what I mean?