Sunday, February 21, 2010

Last Night

It was by far our best year, sold out seats, the audience always dresses to impress and the girls all did such a great job...but it was a weird night, not gonna lie, I don't think there is anything more uncomfortable then doing a strip tease in front of your Mother, my Mom is no angel but still, it made the whole thing a little odd for me, and I have been walking around all day just waiting to get grounded. To make the situation even odder, I lost a pastie during my performance and in the video I took you can see it fall off behind my shadow box and when Danny kicks my screen open, there I am, with one exposed (Janet Jackson moment) titty, Oh god NO! that will be the only one reason I might not post that video (notice how I said might?) Had too much to drink, woke up in another odd situation, my car got bashed into today by an asshole lady...let's just say I'm happy it's Sunday and I love my house and the bubble I create when I'm here with EJ, where everything is peachy and I bake cookies and walk around like Joan Cleaver. Maybe I should reconsider taking on the hussy title, I'm much more ready for the title of secret agent man.


  1. Everyone's got one. A nip that is... and a mom, as it were. But more people than not have a nip. In fact Dr No. had 3 if I remember correctly.

    So I say post it. Or if you like I can edit the nip out of it. But I may use Donny Osmond's face as a little pasty. Yes... I really am that talented.

  2. haahahahaha! you are brilliant in so many ways, I sure love you!

    let's go with a Marie Osmond instead ;)

  3. Oh. I thought it was obvious. Naturally if we put Donny on one then Marie must go on the other. They're kind of a package deal. I thought that was a given.

    And then when you turn around we'll have the MoTab on your booty! KaPOW!

    Love you too, pistol pete.