Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Suit

Oh, The suit! This use to make the Man, before the Man made the suit. Back in the day when a Man would wear a suit to have a scotch on the rocks with the fellas. The suit is a very sexy piece on a Man, ONLY if he is not a suit already, meaning that you don't see him in one everyday. Maybe that's why it's such a turn on? Men don't wear them like they use to, so it would make sense that when we see it on a Man, we turn our heads, we do a double take, we may even whisper under our breaths "ooh". We become curious about this Man, who is he? where is he going? and, call me?

Never underestimate what a suit can do. I was inspired to write this after I got a picture text, he was wearing a suit today. I got all hot and bothered, like how (I imagine) Men get when we send a provocative and skin revealing picture to them. They like naked things and we Ladies like to see a striking Man covered up, so we can imagine undoing that tie. So Guys, even if your power suit doesn't land you the account at your business meeting, bet your sweet ass it will be very powerful once you get home.

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