Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Yesterday evening I challenge EJ to a game of Basketball. We laced up the sneakers and headed to shoot some hoops at the church. 10 min into us warming up, a car pulled up, with 2 guys (in their late 20's) who asked if they could play with us, so I thought 'oh how nice, they want to play a friendly game of horse' ummm, not the case. before I knew I it, I was in a full on basketball game with 3 boys that could really put a hurt on me. All I kept playing over and over in my head was 'I'm going to get hit in the face Marcia Brady style' (see video bellow) every time they would start to run towards me, I would try and protect my face and boobs, while screaming and laughing.

Long story short, I walked away with an injured thumb and a sore ego. EJ Skooled even the guys. But I will say this..don't let my girliness fool you, Mama has some game.



  1. That's pretty rad Babs. Next time get some video.

    I remember that one time we all played, hardcore jungle ball.

    You and EJ had some wicked moves. Like a little John Stockton and a fashionable Charles Barkley. We had to put you two on separate teams just to keep things fair.

  2. hahahaha! that was an awesome game, but if I remember correctly, you are pretty damn good!
    Awww, I miss the good old days, buddy!

    I still think we need to start our tennis league? eh? yeeeah?