Sunday, May 2, 2010


In preparation for my Paris trip, that is exactly a week away. WOW, at this time next Sunday, I will be 3 hours and 18 min deep on our flight. We were trying to think of all the fun things and games we could do and play on a 10 hour flight, I said "let's play a fun game called lets take a Xanax and chase it with a glass of vino and wake me when we are there, cool?" (A joke-ish).

I'm starting to pack tonight as well, because this week is going to be crazy, starting with tomorrow and ending with a big wedding all weekend. FG on the other hand, is packing Saturday before the wedding, he's a boy and simple like that. He will probably have one bag Vs my suitcase, product bag and shoe bag (what? I'm going for a week, a girl needs a selection) and not to mention the extra bag coming home with me, full of baguettes and pastries.

FG shared the agenda with me today, The Crazy Horse show and The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club concert. I'm so excited for both, hell, I'm so excited for ALL of it, to just breath french air, but I'm most excited to use their fancy bidets on my derriere. Yes!

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