Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cry To Me

Vegas kicks my ass, like a Kung Fu Hooker with stilettos. No mercy here. I was out all day in this crazy town. Had the best lunch at Spago with Min Min, a little shopping, went to Wet Republic, been asking to be Man handled and got what I wished for (be careful what you wish for) had to use some of the moves Vegas has been using on me, and had to Karate chop some Jersey shore look a like.

One group is gambling, the other is at The Wynn..I am in my room, waiting for my BLT sandwich, tired and regretting today's choice of foot wear. Sweet Jesus, nothing sounded better then a bath tub and a glass of wine alone.

I have been solo a lot lately. Am I sad? No, I think at this time in my life, it's just what I need, plus, I enjoy my company very much ;)

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