Sunday, October 31, 2010

LiL' Pistol

So, was up, fools. It's yo gurl, LiL' Pistol. So last night me and my Homegirls went out for Halloween and stuff. It was fun and stuff, but fools be trippin'. I now have to get my Vatos on some stoooopid cabron that put his hands on me. Ahh shit man, I don't even wana talk about it, fools. It makes me all Loca and stuff.  It's all good. It's all good. I'm Lil' Pistol and I always handle my shit. Tu sabes?

Anyways, Fools, I ain't even gonna trip. Plus, my Cousin is getting out the pen real soon and I will just have him scare him or somethang. Or like, make him pee his pants in front of his ugly pinche guuurlfriend, or something stooopid like that. Or maybe he will just shank him. Tu sabes? I drank too many 40's, fools. I gotta go and get some beauty sleep. Gotta model for a low rider show tomorrow and stuff.

Anyways., shut up stoooopids!

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