Sunday, October 17, 2010

Never Say Never

Never did I think I would be posting a blog about these characters. After this weekend full of surprises, like tearing open a bottle of Pepto before even walking out of the store. And then being laid up all day Saturday with the worst stomach pain of my life. There I was, face to face with the TV. I own cable, so my choices are limited, right? So it's comical that I decided to watch this Jersey Shore marathon. At first I couldn't decided if I was getting dumber by the episode. At that point I was just happy that my attention was on something else rather then the discomfort of my belly.

The show is bad. You watch these young "Italians" drink, get laid, fist pump, fight, wear horrible things, say dumb stuff. Yet, by hour 2, they kinda grew on me. They were making me laugh.  I realized that I have been judging people like this. They have been a target of my jokes. I have pointed my finger and laughed at their flashy bedazzled shirts and horrible designer jeans. Not to mention what the girls are wearing sends me into a Joan Rivers frenzy. I have rejected the faces of guys like these who have approached me at bars. But why? Because they wear Ed Hardy and have explosion proof hair?  What if they really is a nice guy under all that surfaced horribleness? What if I'm a real bitch?

Then I remembered a guy that I met in Vegas during my Best Friends bachelorette party in Vegas. We were all at Wet Republic. This outside pool party (day club) is full of guys like this. As much as I love a good party, I have a hard time hanging out in places like this. It's too much. So it would be a total oxymoron that the one person I bonded with that day was a Sweet Bro I met at the pool.  There I was, engaging in a really cool (and smart) conversation with a guy that I typically wouldn't even say hello to. I'm not saying I'm going to go out and find me a "Situation". All I'm saying is that the clothing is an easy fix. You can't teach people to be good people. Get what I'm saying?

I don't know how this guy is doing now. Nor do I even remember his name. I really liked him. He was good people. Where ever he is, I hope he's doing well. And hope he got rid of that girl that was no good in his life.

We can be real judgy people, can't we?

These places are STD's just waiting to happen.

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