Tuesday, October 26, 2010


My quick LA trip was just what the Doctor ordered. I have experienced such high level of stress that my health has been effected. My good friend said come to LA and relax. So that's what I did. Sunday we went to horror nights at Universal Studio. It was raining and we were all wet and it was AWESOME. Surprisingly, I didn't cry or piss myself. I'm not sure if walking with my 6'5 friend helped, but I'm usually the biggest baby when it comes to scary things. We also hit the bar before hand and got a couple of Cadillac Margarita (which seemed to be the drink of the trip) so a combo of the tall Man and alcohol is the receipt for a non scared Mexican.

Last night we all went to the UNKLE concert. My music loving friends Tommy, Amber the bad ass, AND I'm happy to announce my first Facebook/Real life meeting session with Josh. Who also happens to know Tommy, because it's a small world after all. It was a pleasure to meet him. I'm a fan of my cool musician friend. UNKLE, I wouldn't know anything about these guys if it wasn't for my ex boyfriend Phil, who got me into them while we were dating. I text him during the concert to let him know that he was there in spirit. It was such a great concert. We had a lot of patron and music filled fun last night.

I slept like a baby for 2 days. I ate whatever the hell I wanted. I laughed SO much with the friend. He took amazing care of me. I needed that. For whatever reason, I so needed it. There was always a glass of ice water placed next to me before bed, every door was opened for me, and there was enough compliments along with some shit talking that makes it easy to hang with this guy, always. We are both 2 left handed Virgo's who make their beds every morning and who genuinely enjoy each others company.  I feel so extremely safe with him and he claims I bring out the goofiness in him. I made sure I didn't leave without letting him know how lucky I feel to have him in my life. He has been in my life for years, and he's consistent. That's so rare with dudes. There is no bullshit in this friendship. It's legit. He's legit. It was nice to remember that there is still Gentleman out there, who care. I so needed it!

So, back to reality. Reality bites sometimes. I'm just glad I get to have little getaways to La La Land, for good sleep, Pink Berry, concerts with my cools, and legitness. I feel much better now.

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