Monday, January 3, 2011

You Girls.

I got myself an iphone over the weekend. Both EJ and I are now iphone users. I'm trying to get use to the new phone. After having a very loyal love affair with my Blackberry, I find myself really missing it today. It sparked this very funny (and bitter sweet conversation) between me and my 13 year old Son over dinner tonight.

Me: I miss my old phone.

EJ: Awwww!

Me: Are you making fun of me?

EJ: Ahh Haa. I think it's weird how you girls get attached to things. We guys just think, eh it was an old phone, time for a new one.

Me: Wow! Do you remember the last time you cried?

EJ: No. Let me think.....No. Nope. I don't remember.

Me: I cried last night.

EJ: Over what?

Me: Honestly? I don't even know.

EJ: You girls.

I engaged in a blank stare after, when I realized that my little boy is a real BOY, putting into prospective how we Women get attached and Men don't. Using the phone as an example that this applies to more than 500 minutes and unlimited text messages. Too bad you can't download applications for detachment.

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