Thursday, April 21, 2011

Carmen Y Nestor.

This is my Grandma (Abis) and Grandpa (Abu). They have both passed away years ago. I miss them all the tine, but some days I miss them so so much, that I just cry over how much I wish I could see them again.

When you're little and you have time with these special people, we never stop and to think that maybe someday they won't be around anymore. The mind of a child just doesn't grasp that. And if anyone tried to explain that me as I kid, I would of looked at them all crazy. I never thought that this chapter of my life would ever end. The life I had in Mexico City is a chapter. The time I had with my Grandparents is a chapter. My childhood is a chapter. All chapters that have ended, that I will never have back. As sad as that makes me, it also fills my heart with such joy, to know that I was lucky enough to have had these two crazy kids in my life. Two of the most amazing, fun, loving people that taught me so much, and who I never forget about or stop loving with all of my heart.

I shed half of my tears tonight from missing them, and half for how happy their memories makes me.

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