Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Love At First Insult.

This is Mr. Bigot.  One, if not, my favorite Tweeter. His Tweets are politically incorrect, some are rude, very inappropriate but they are all extremely funny. I'm in love with him.  Here is the thing, I have no idea who this guy really is BUT the exchange in wittiness between the two if us is not like anything I have ever experienced. We definitely push the envelope with our chats, but they are filled with such humor that I feel like I have met my match. If anything, what I've learned from this little inappropriate twitter love affair is that, I now realize how incredibly hot mental stimulation is and how much I need that. Completely turned on by this no named man, who never fails to write me back something that's just as sick and twisted, as mine are. I've never had anyone give it back to me as well as he does.


Who knows if we will ever cross paths. He did reveal that he does live in the same city and may even run close in the circles. Which means the stalking can begin. And even if our hilarious and twisted connection doesn't translate in real life, I have the feeling this Bigot and I will be great Amigos. Let's face it, people who get you and make you laugh and impress you with their humor, are rare. Hell, people this damn witty are rare.

Until then, I'm tickled I have someone to flirt with that keeps me cracking up, even if I'm flirting in my sweat pants, with no make-up on behind my computer screen. I think guys have forgotten to be fun, and playful. Most guys don't know the art of witty banter. Guys, why? We love this shit. Well, I least I do.

I sent him this on twitter as part of our daily canoodling...
I haven't change it yet.
Why would I?

"Mrs. Barbyy Bigot, kind of has a nice ring to it actually"
-Mr Bigot


  1. HEEEEY, Douglasville, Georgia.