Sunday, May 8, 2011

Band Of Horses

The elevator, in the hotel lobby has a lazy door
The man inside is going to a hotel room
He jumped out right after seeing just
the very sight of me
Decided he better hike it to the second floor

It's temporary, this place I'm in
I permanently won't do this again
My belongings scattered across the hotel floor

Now then later, I was thinking it over
by the snack machine
I thought about you and a candy bar
The now and laters, now that Ive got
stuck between my teeth
I fell asleep to the greatest movie of the year

A man gets lonely, for heavens sake
He’s wondering only what you do today
The worlds spinning around into an old sad song

Well its coming down outside like
I've never even seen before
I fell into some kind of sorry state
But looking back now, I think it's finally time
for me anekatips to laugh about it
And get my things together and find something to say

Well I feel awful, and I believe
That time gets wasted in misery
And darling I never wanna come back home

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