Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I guess I really liked them redheads in High School, didn't I? Yup! That's me, with two different redheads. This has made me really ask myself the question, do you really have a type? Meh! Meeeh? Maybe in High School.

The young mans whos lap I'm in sitting on, was the first penis I ever touched. I didn't do anything else, but I definitely touched it. I definitely saw it. I was definitely scared. Penis was scary back then. Its like, what do I do with it? What does it do with me? Ya know? Remembering that moment when it was in my hand and looking awkward, shaking it like a hand and introducing myself isn't a guys sexual highlight, I'm sure. That shit was scary.  No worries, I've since gotten over my fear, as most kids do with clowns, or heights. I would even say that penis and I are good friends. Pals. Amigos. Penis is my kinda peeps. I give them noogies. We kick it from time to time.

But let's discuss that red dress and that pearl choker. And I thought I was so edgy with that crisscross neckline on the black dress. Fashionista, if you will! I wish we had access to the technology we have now back then. It would be fun to look back on some videos from these dates. I can hardly remember much, aside from the penis introduction.

I still think redheads are hot!


  1. This made me laugh, and also think slightly less of you :P

  2. Redheads are nice. Despite being Latina myself, I never found myself attracted to my own people, always dating those blondes and redheads in high school as well. Most of them Irish. And here I am, married to a Viking now. Yes, penis was a bit scary back then... But it's all part of life.