Wednesday, August 3, 2011

You asked....

Alright, Alright, enough blog post about the male gender. I've gotten some emails inquiring about beauty tips. Yeah, I realize I don't touch on this stuff, at all, do I? Jeeez. And I'm such a girly girl.

I got a comment yesterday, she remembered me mentioning back in the myspace days that I drink  a bottle of water in the morning. I feel kinda silly preaching on how to be healthy, when I feel that this summer I have been anything but. I do believe that a glass of water first thing in the morning is key. It wakes your body up. I also, whenever I have a cup of coffee or a latte, I always ask for an ice water along with it. I don't believe that coffee is bad, I grew up on it, but I do believe that it does dehydrate you. So for every coffee I have, I have twice as much water. Bottom line, you should be drinking water all day, and a glass before every meal. You'll eat less and... pee more. But you'll feel great.

Speaking of coffee. Damn, I love my coffee. In order for me to indulge in coffee treats (which is mostly loaded with sugar and calories) I now do this, I always get whatever I'm in the mood for, lately it's been the caramel macchiatos. I order it with skim milk, half of the pumps of the sugary stuff, and an extra shot. Sure, you'll look like one of those high maintenance coffee snobs BUT it's so worth it.

I can't tell you enough how important Omegas are. I can definitely tell a big difference when I'm not taking my vitamins. But omegas are key. It's brain food.

The rod results.

Someone inquired about my hair. I have a head full of extensions. Just in case anyone didn't know. I have at times breaded my hair into 2 braids and allow it to dry. After I take the braids out and use a rod (get your mind out of the gutter) It's a curling iron that you just wrap your hair around. It does take a minute to get used to. The key is to wrap your hair and curl it out of your face. Practice makes perfect, so don't get discouraged if your hair looks like crap the first time you attempt The ROD.

The waver results.

I just recently bought a waver. I have owned a couple of these since the 80's but I have failed to find one that doesn't make your hair look like the 80's. I found one the other day and I have been in love with it. It's the "Pro beauty tool" and you can get it at the grocery store. This is also another hair experiment that takes practice and you'll probably want to go through and curl a couple of pieces here and there. 

I can't touch on all my secrets in one post, but maybe now I'll start posting a weekly segment of products and little tricks I use. The getting ready process is very technical and a ritual that is no laughing matter...ish!

Until next time.
Back to you, Bob!


  1. Yes. Yes. YES! Love this post!

    The Rod, huh??!! I have been attempting that curl that really isn't a curl with both a curling iron & flat iron.... but you say.....the ROD.... sweet!

    I have a good question.... when are you going to talk about your tat on your collarbone area? I LOOOOOOVE it, must say. What about your others? How many, etc. etc. & so forth :) :)

  2. Extensions, you say, huh?! I was wondering how you get this amazing hair every time. Where do you get them done and what type are they?