Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lambs Grill.

The other morning, when I had to get up earlier (much much earlier then I would have liked) I embarked on a journey to the courthouse, to fight a ticket. Long story short, I lost. Leaving the courthouse with a defeated look on my face, and a hungry belly, I decided that I shouldn't go home to soak in my balance due for breaking the law (an amount I rather not post because it makes me want to gag a little) and a piece of toast and jelly just wasn't going to cut it. I took advantage of the fact that I was downtown and decided to have a little breakfast at Lambs Cafe (Salt Lakes oldest restaurant).   

I had dined at Lambs a couple of times before, when I was younger My mom would take me to lunch at these great places in Salt Lake when I would skip school from faking a cough and she would end up taking me to work with her. I walked in and automatically I was hit with the presence of nostalgia. The memories of having to keep up a fake cough and try not to act too giddy by the fact that I loved these days with my mom.

I sat at the counter and orderd breakfast, deep in my thoughts as I stirred my coffee in a daze, as Billie Holliday played in the background. My nostalgia quickly took a turn and before I knew it, I felt like I had timed traveled to the 1930's.

I made conversation with the owner, Francis. A lovely man, who also gave me a tour of the Cafe. Showed me the old pics of the owners hanging on the wall. Led me to the back room where they hold special events, and told me some stories. The restaurant has remained essentially unchanged since 1939. The booths, tables, wainscot, back-bar, counter, counter stools, light fixtures and steam-table.

George P. Lamb, a Greek immigrant, opened Lamb's Grill Cafe on George Washington's Birthday, February 22, 1919 in Logan, Utah. In 1931, a picture of George Washington, which hangs in the main dining room, was given to Mr. Lamb by George H. Dern, Governor of the State of Utah to commemorate that occasion. Governor Dern was later appointed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to serve as Secretary of War.

A little Lambs History for ya. 

I really like places that take you places. A experience. I had one of the loveliest mornings the day I walked into lambs. So much so, that I needed to spread the word. The real kicker is that I left the court over a ticket,  ate a glorious breakfast at lambs to unwind, and I walked out of lambs with another on my windshield.....Yup. Can't catch a break. 

*Lambs Grill.
169 South Main Street Salt Lake City, UT 84111


  1. Love this ... I once got a parking ticket; while I was in paying a parking ticket .....

  2. "Can you hear the LAMBS, Clarice?"

    Lamb's is one of my absolute favs in SLC. Their stroganoff is awesome. Soft rolls and butter. And the ambiance for some reason makes me feel like I've walked into a Stanley Kubrick movie... maybe the Shining?