Thursday, September 24, 2009

La Familia

My Grandpa and Grandma Aka Abu y Abis Aka Nestor and Carmen. How lucky and blessed I was to have these two people in my life, I am definitely more my Grandma then anyone in my Family, our shoe collection and sense of humor is in our blood, our Latin thick blood, love it or hate it but you will never forget our passion, even in her 80's she was still convinced that every 20 something year old waiter wanted her. My Grandpa was the most amazing Man I ever had the pleasure to meet, elegant and charming with the warmest eyes that live through my Mom, he set the standards high for me, I always wondered the story behind this picture taken on the streets of Mexico City, where they were going, what they were talking about, and who took it. I never got a chance to ask but the important things I know and remember, they are a big part of the reason I am who I am and the reason why I am so proud to be me. My Abu is in the moments I share with the moon and my Abis is in every fabulous shoe I own.

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