Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Mom is spending the night at my house tonight so she can drive me to another joyful doctors appointment in the morning, we are laying on my bed watching football and talking, we started the conversation of 2012, which has been my topic of conversation this week and I keep talking about it and I freak myself out silly, your mind will only let you go so far with the concept of death and eternity before you hit looneyville. The thought of "nothing" and the fact that there would be no "nothing" because the existence of "nothing" wouldn't even exist, see? its a trip... "Well, I say if the world is going to end? I just hope it hits hard and we won't feel the time I fell.." Haahaahaa, my Mom this last week has been cracking me up (mind you this is all in Spanish and some of the comedy gets lost in translation) after we stopped laughing, we both had a moment of silence when we asked "why the hell are we watching football?"
My Mom still from time to time will look at me and ask, "you're always going to be a rebellious wild child, aren't ya?" I always just reply with a mischievous giggle and she looks at me and says "Aye Barby"

"There is nothing I wouldn't do for you kids, except sell my body to some gross man, god forbid.. but to the devil?
Bravo Mama.

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