Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I'm sitting next to my Mom who stands at 5'3 and has a 5 1/2 size foot (the cutest little doll feet you have ever seen) wondering how I am 5'7 and wear an 8, I have no idea. She had EJ and I over for dinner and she made Mole con Pollo, oh, my mom is the bomb cook, the best homemade Mexican food that comes accompanied by a fresh cup of coffee, her food truly is food for my soul.

She is now making me watch a tiny piece of the movie "she's so lovely" because she can't get over how much Robyn Wright Penn's character reminds her of me, I asked why? She said "because she drinks, laughs a lot and does not make life complicated, she lives"

If this is what I'm like? Lord help me. She is drinking whiskey and gets her ass beat by James Gandolfini in the first 5 min.

On my way out, I looked at myself in her mirror and said "you're pretty" as I made googly eyes at myself, my Mom mumbled "pretty...stupid"

What I really want to know is why for the past 2 days I have been hungry like a big body builder, I eat (like a body builder) and 2 hours later I'm ready to chew off my hand, so now I have to watch my guilty pleasure Tuesday night Hills/City while stuffing my face, Oye! .

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