Saturday, January 23, 2010

Joan Jett

The Sundance film festival has had me pretty busy this weekend and it's not over, Joan Jett tonight, this should be good but the pressure is on for that little bad ass assumable that calls for a visit to American apparel today. Black tight and shiny? why not! in fact I'm going to try to duplicate this picture (the hair... not so much)
*What a perfect song seeing how I have been living by this anthem since the 11th grade, I love that I can honestly say that I have been doing whatever the hell I want, and has said suck it to what society and people say I should be doing. Hey, my life doesn't suck one bit and I have had one hell of a time exploring, meeting people and at times getting myself into pickles that I creatively have to get myself out of, I wouldn't have it any other way and I'm just getting started, on that note..pass me the bottle of tequila. (NO animals, children or designer bags where harmed during my crazy life)

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