Sunday, January 24, 2010


Before "Bossy" or "milk shake" there was a little album that Kelis put out in 1999 that changed me (the songs says "I hate you so much right now", I think I hated him so much right then) this song "Caught out there" was one of my favorite songs, so naturally when I saw her at the Joan Jett concert tonight, I just HAD to tell her how much I loved that album AND her, she was so sweet and a bit surprised that I knew that album, I assume because everyone knows her for the milk shake song? which I always think it's sad when people miss out on the other great songs and albums that artist put out before their songs go top 40. My highlight of the night was Kelis and the 3 slices of pizza I had when it was all said and done. I will brag more about this night when I'm not three sheets to the wind and bobbing for apples (i.e. drunk and sleepy)

*it looks like both Kelis and I decided on interesting color of over the shoulder boulder holders (i.e. Bras)

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