Thursday, February 18, 2010


The Roosevelt Hotel (1 of my favorites on my I heart things in L.A list)

Les Deux
Greek dancing with the kitties
Beach time in Santa Monica

I love my friend Naomi so much, My beautiful Hawaiian friend that greets me with an Aloha and a kiss, we have been friends for years and what you see is what you get with this girl, no bullshit with our friendship. We hung out all day and now that she is back living here with her 2 beautiful daughters, I get to see her a lot more (not that I didn't love visiting her out in L.A, taking the kids to Universal Studios and then having adult time, flirting with boys on the dance floor at Les Deux) My dear and beautiful friend just turned 35, mid 30's and loving it. To think that at one point in our fake I.D days, sneaking into the hip hop clubs and scouting for tall basketball players (I will still deny my involvement in this) Naomi and I didn't fancy each other, it's funny to laugh at that now because I couldn't imagine my life without her. The sex talk today had us dying with the giggles, we shared how long we have both gone without sex and she for sure has me beat "Barby, I'm telling you, I have been holding out, I have not even kissed a boy since August and even a hug is sexy at this point, I love it" then I said, "Damn, I'm just happy we live in an age where things that operate with batteries can really make up for a man" Then she challenged me...

Naomi: I challenge you, I CHALLENGE go 30 days without kissing a boy, no fondling, no...

Me: No boobies squeezing or ass slapping?

Naomi: NO

Me: Just really sexy hugs?

I may or may not have taken her up on this challenge.

*We consumed a gazillion calories today, I'm suppose to be sick and depressed and loosing a bunch of weight, which leads me to believe that I'm not that sick and actually pretty happy.

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