Friday, February 19, 2010

The Stripper

An early rehearsal call time and a really bad sore throat, has me home in bed by 10 on a Friday. My homework tonight is to perfect the mannerisms of Ms Hayworth,her moves are half drunk and half uncoordinated, yet it seems to make her routine absolutely perfect, so I thought 'I can do drunk and uncoordinated, yaa haa' She was a true hussy, there are not many true hussies around anymore, I'm going to bring back the hussy..Watch!

When I wake up tomorrow as Gigi De Ville...
8:00- Wake up, stretch, coffee
9:00- Tanning bed
9:30- final prop purchasing
10:00- Rehearsal at Fort Douglas theater
12:00- Lunch-ish
3:00- My solo rehearsal with Danny at the theater
4:30- Hot rollers, fake eyelashes and red lipstick by Ashley Quai
7:15 -Back at theater
8:00- Cocktail hour and nerves kick in, consume liquor
9:00- Everyone takes their seats
9:45- Yours truly will sing and dance and shamelessly drops her dress in front of a live audience.


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