Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Le Plan

*Picture taken of meh: by Ashley Quai
I'm going to spend my 40's in Paris, when my job as a Mother (which, I think that job never sees a final day) is due, when the young lad turns 18 and he then decides on college, to move out, be on his own and experience the world as an independent young, smart, open minded, handsome Man (Because that is what the last 12 years and the next 6 years have been about accomplishing) Mommy is moving to France, so along with raising this young man, I will add french classes to the next 6 years, so when I arrive in Paris in the year 2016, I will be able to ask for my baguette extra crispy, my cafe creme on the light side and point me to nearest rich french homme. I will be a quadragenarian, with finger crossed that I will look like a 30 something...

To be continued....


  1. This is such a great photo, I want to go to Paris

    You're lucky

  2. i was born in paris... and even tho i love it... i think you might enjoy Nice much better. it is in the south along the Mediterranean.. and it is the most wonderful place i've ever been to in the world so far. when i think of France i think of Nice.
    you would love the boulangerie's with fresh pain au chocolat and the tiny streets, and the ocean, oh its the best you have to go there.
    and i say you make your boy take french and move there even before hes 18. he can charm the girls with his american accent. oh la la

  3. I have been to Nice, would love to live there on the "on" months but not during the winter, Paris has a charm that is year around, the funnest trip I have ever taken in my liiiiife was to the south of france but Paris has my heart!

    if I could move before my son is 18, I would have already, I won't take him away from his Daddy :)