Saturday, February 6, 2010

2 hour limit

Last night this group here, had an overdue reunion and a night of dancing at the W... also, this group here, (all freshly single) are all going to spend Valentines Day weekend in Vegas, over dinner we decided fuck that we don't have Valentines and lets take a road trip to Vegas, so why all you love birds are having romantic dinners, sweet loving moments over deep eye contact and kisses, while you both stick little heart shaped candies into each others mug pieces, with little messages like "I love your farts" and "will you be my anal tonight?" followed by bubble baths and ending with a hot steamy rump, YUCK, who the hell wants that? (I secretly do, shhhhhh) WE will be loving on Vegas. This is going to be fun for 2 reasons...
1. My friends are fun
2. It's Vegas, duuuuuuh!!!

I set myself up, lets see how long the "2 hour limit" nickname last

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