Monday, April 5, 2010

Not a Muse!

Part of EJ's Birthday present were Muse tickets from FG (sweet huh?, Ya I know) It was such a good concerts, except for the bad snow storm, with wind blowing so hard that the snow hits you like pins and needles.

I was a little pissed, you wana know why? I will tell you why. The one day I decided to do my hair (and by "do" I mean it was a process all day that started with 2 braids out of the shower and my hair drying ALL F*@&# DAY in this braid, to perfect the most devin and luscious curl you have ever seen. ALL DAY, just to have this Hitler like snow, kill it)

EJ really likes these guys, so we had a lot of fun rocking and rolling and what not, and FG is always a delight. I'm just glad it's April 5th and it's snowing. L.O.V.E IT... like an itchy butt!!

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