Friday, May 7, 2010

On The Mexican Day

Due to the fact that I'm off schedule with my pre-travel plans, I was limited to what I could do on Wednesday. So, I paid tribute as a proud Mexican from Mexico City, and had margaritas y carnitas. Now, Tecate is the best cerveza in the world (this is not an opinion but a mere fact), I personally like my cerveza Abis (My Grandma) style, in a can, then I squeeze limes on top and sprinkle a little salt as well (repeat instructions after 2 or 3 drinks). People always ask "salt, you put salt?. When people ask me that, I then slowly place the can on the table, remain silent for a second or two (it creeps them out) take a deep breath, bring my eyes at a dead lock to theirs.....and I proudly say (in my Pancho Villa voice) "It's a Mexican thing" ORALE!!!.

*Thank you Justin Grant and Michael Ori, for being my wonderful hand models.

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