Thursday, March 3, 2011

March 1st

I woke up on the first day of March delighted by the greeting of the morning sun shining in my window and creating a work of art on my closet door. It was one of those mornings that the music was playing as I pranced around with a smile by the thought of spring being just around the corner. I made EJ breakfast. Took him to school. Then I cordially invited myself to spend my lovely day off with, well, ME! 

I thought what better way to spend a beautiful day than by eating my favorite food. Oh, the Pho. I could eat Pho for the rest of my life. 
Pho Sho!

Then I went and got me a Boba tea. Which I'm tickled that a place in Salt Lake has decide to finally get Boba. A drink that I can usually only indulge in New York. Luna Berry, has made me oh so very happy.

And of course the day wouldn't be complete without a little shoe shopping (stop staring at my long toe and my sock marks). I introduce you to my first pair of opened toed, sassy red shoes of the year.

Somedays you just have to wear no make-up, admire art, enjoy good food, red hooker shoes and some very much needed time with yourself. 



  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE days like those. Nice sassy shoes. Where did you find them? I have a denim tube dress that would look perfect with those.

    just another hussy,

  2. Where'd you find boba?! I know of Gossip Tapioca in West Valley but that's about it - thank you!

  3. Lisa, I got them at Nordstrom rack. They are one size smaller than my feet, but I had to get them cuz there was only 2. The one in sugarhouse. Go hussy it up, sister!!!

    I got the boba at luna berry. It's on 4th south and 7th east. They have tons of flavors and they are SO good :)

  4. Lovely little story of a splendid day, chuckled right out loud at the long toe and sock comment and decided I need to try one of these boba things immediately! (oh ya and love the red peep toes)

  5. He he he! Love it. Yes, the drink is to die for. You get to chew the little boba balls while you drink it so it is a fun drink indeed.

    You like my hammer toes? ;D

  6. You can also get boba at a coffee shop across from SLCC on State St and around 1500 S :)

    You look gorge with no make up!

  7. Thanks Lady. I want to try all the places.