Friday, May 14, 2010

A Girl In Paris

A young girl, in love with Paris.

While I was in the taxi yesterday, I had a thought, what if someone told me I would never be see this place again (with no reasons as to why that would be, but this was it) would I be sad? Like anything in life, we might have to ask ourselves that in places like these, with people we see, feelings we feel and just about life. I answered myself with 'So typical of you to ask such a fucked up question. Yes, I would be sad, but also with that sadness would come the extreme joy of knowing that I did see it and I took a ride on this crazy and adventurous road, that is my life. Even if I have no clue what road is ahead, I just take roads that feel right, on occasion, make pit stop, pick up a couple of souvenirs and keep on truckin'.

*Terms in France won't allow me to change my songs on my playlist. The Western States Motel- Oh World, is the song playing in our little French Chateau.