Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Today I had a brief conversation with one of my oldest friends. I made a comment about a guy, and how if I was in my mid 20's, I would of taken him home and had my way with him. I realized that the older I'm getting the number of sexual escapades get smaller. I also realized that I'm in a faze. I'm not as easily amused as I use to be with guys. Before, a flirty night would lead to some hot rump soon after, in a back seat or somewhere that could get me arrested if caught. Now, I'm more easily turned off then turned on. I feel like if you don't have anything interesting to say pre doggy style, then I'm bored.

I find mental stimulation far more arousing then the twiddle of the bean. I have a bull shit free relationship with B.O.B. I rather go home alone then deal with awkward mornings of me realizing that B.O.B buzzing is far more interesting then the guy. BUT, I'm very well aware that this is a faze, because I can see myself in my peak cougar years wanting nothing more then for my 32 year old boy toy to shut the fuck up.

I had my fun, and enough stories to not only make you giggle but blush. I have always been a very sexual human, but It's nice to give the soul and body a rest. I'm not running wild these days. This too shall pass!


  1. K, first thing I need you to clear up: who or what. is B.O.B.? Or what does it mean/stand for??? This would give me a $uch better opportunity to say something intellectually sarcastic about this situation.

  2. Ahhhhh!!! Okay! I know that's not very intellectually sarcastic but I just had my tea and cookies for the night and my brain is on shutdown mode for the evening ;)