Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Back in 2004 I fell in love with this little show on MTV. Watching these group of younings live their life's in the privileged town of Laguna Beach. Dealing with the typical High School stuff, like crushes, underage drinking and sex. Except, all the girls were wearing expensive shoes and parading around designer hands bags at the age of 16. The things that I had worked so hard to have as an adult, like a car or a house (but those 2 things always came first).

There was times when I caught myself asking 'why are you watching this?' and my favorite question to myself 'arn't you a little too old for this?', and the answer were always, No, No, Shut up and watch!

I was hooked, and I got involved.

So involved, that I developed a little crush on Stepehen. Painting the picture that it was a cute little crush, like you would have for the cute little underage boy that bags your groceries, or works at your local Starbucks. But, the truth, I wanted to sex him up. Ignoring the fact that It would have been statuary rape.

Being saddened by the end of Laguna Beach, I quickly jumped for joy when I saw that LC was packing her Mercedes (you know, like all the 18 year chicks do, right?) and was heading for the hills of L.A. And just like that, one day a week, I cleared my schedule and banded anyone from talking to me, while I stared at the TV like it was teaching me to suck dick.

I could have discussion about this show like Politicians talk about Politics, or how Trekkies discuss Star Trek trivia. I was die hard, and I really enjoyed this show. I always felt like this was no different then when our Moms loved Days of Our Life's. I never got Soaps. Did you ever get Soaps? I never got Soaps!

My show came to an end tonight. 7 years of following these kids and sometimes being a little jealous by thier fabulous young L.A life's and shopping sprees.

I was getting ready to have a tearful moment as this show came close to the end. The ending mocked me in my face (and in my own bed). I hope people saw this ending. It was their way of telling us not to believe everything we see. I know the show is some what staged and scripted, but don't throw it in my face as I'm trying to deal with all of the empty Tuesday nighst ahead. Ass holes!

I will miss this show. I wish they could keep it going for the rest of my life. That's not reality...and neither was the show.

I called this show "My guilty pleasure", but it was just my pleasure! I'm going to miss these little fuckers!

What now?

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