Saturday, September 11, 2010

Little Hussy Part III

I wanted to be in a pageant. My Mom was never one of those Moms that pushed me to do things like this. These were the things I wanted to do. I was my own stage Mom. I loved this dress. I thought it was fancy and just amazing. I placed very low in this pageant. The judges said my dress was too slutty for my age group. Phfffffffffft, I'll show you slutty!

How about the tight spiral perm, Eh? And that pearl necklace? Are you kidding me? I deserved that crown. I gave up my pageant dreams shortly after this. I decided on violin lessons. That's a whole other messy story.

Even after my big floppy 6th place, I still managed to have that big ol' smile on my face. Happy as shit in that fluffy pink disaster. Basking in my Hussiness.

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