Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm almost home, in Phoenix where it's 80 degrees at 8pm..shoot, maybe I should of stayed here over night. On my flight today I found it very emotionally difficult to listen to music, so I decided to sit in silence and listen to the roaring jets and even then I was able to hear a sad melody in that.
As puss and boots as I get about leaving, there is nothing like getting a phone call from E.J to say goodnight and to tell me he got 29 comments on his Facebook profile picture I took of him, I am now friends with my Son on Facebook *Gulp* if someone would of told me 12 years ago that someday I would be friends with my one and only child on a social internet site, I would of laughed and called security. In the end as much fun as I have and love my New York play dates, there is nothing like going home, wrapping my arms around that peace of heaven and the true joy I get out of flipping those pancakes in the morning, how great my bed feels and how I'm actually excited about putting on my fake eye lashes tomorrow.

I'm surrounded by love, I could explode from it, I can't complain.

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