Monday, November 9, 2009

I ♥ New York

That title is true for so many reasons, where do I begin? I got in late ish on Saturday, did nothing but eat, relax, watched TV and enjoyed some very well needed one on one time with the fella. The next morning I shopped (Duh) We had a scrumptious Brunch at Cafe Habana, where I might have had some of the best Chilaquiles next to my Mamas (I said might) and a frozen Mojito. After brunch and more walking (Note to self: NO more high heels during the day)
A really cute little Japanese lady stopped me on the street and asked me if she could take a picture of my outfit for a Japanese Magazine called "GISELe", Of course I was completely flattered because everyone knows that the Japanese have mad style, so I will be picking up a copy at the end of December to see my oh so fabulous but yet affordable outfit on one of their pages, I think the hat that David got me on the street is what gave the outfit the flava. Later we met up with friends, walked the Highline, enjoyed a yummy dinner at Pastis (grabbed a table outside because the weather was incredible Sunday) We then walked to the movie theater. Perfect day? I would say so.

Today we headed to Brooklyn (Williamsburg to be hipply correct). While a meeting took place I was dropped off at Beacon's closet, where a vintage freak like myself might self-combust with joy. There I was, just me and about 45 minutes. I got one really ugly flowery top, I use the word "ugly" with much love (I am in love with flower patterns that might look like your Grandma's drapes) My price treasure is a black vintage clutch, It's funky and old and mine, I could of done more damage but I was limited on time and my lack of food was going to my nervous system, which then turns me into "Barby the Bitchy Beast".
We had brunch at Five leaves, which is Heath Ledger's joint, we waited about an hour for our food and in an hour you can cover these 8 things.

1. Receding hairlines
2. Mutual people we know in SLC (Alec and I mostly in this convo)
3. Fry sauce (again, Alec and I)
4. A little flirty footsie under the table (David and I, mostly)
5. Conversations with others (A short break where we all get on our phones and completely ignore the existence of one another)
6. What a great person David is (once again, Alec and I)
7. Thanksgiving plans
8. Discovering a new artist while eating that makes your ears perk up- The artist Destroyer

*New York has been such a good friend to me in these past 10 years, in the sense that it has always introduced me to some great people and has always made sure I'm in good hands, I'm very lucky to have this fella, I owe New York a drink.

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