Friday, August 20, 2010


SO, I met them. Being the groupie ass Bytch that I am, I just had to!

I was a loner tonight. A rebel. I went with my crew. Then, I found my way to the front, where they were spinning music after the show. I danced my morals off (in good old Barby fashion). There I was, dancing (alone) for hours. Before I knew it, every one left me. I didn't care. I had a night that was about me. I was in my own little world. I left the crowd. A loner, I tell ya!

I requested the "Sea lion" remix. The photographer who kept cock blocking my groupiness, bumped the record player and my "Sea lion" request got all fucked. Dave apologized, and promised me he would play it next time. Yes, I'm on first name basses with these vatos! What?

After I realized I got left behind by my crew, I drifted into the night (and the Wendy's drive threw) by my lonesome. Like the true Dirty Hairy that I am.

My feet hurt.
My voice is gone.
I'm tipsy.
And I ain't mad at myself!
I needed a night like this.


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