Friday, June 25, 2010

June 25, 2009

One year ago today Michael passed away. Time flies, doesn't it? I still remember where I was when Xazmin text me and told me, just like I remember where I was the day I hear about Princes Diana. I can't say I remember where I was when Elvis died, cause that was the year I was born...maybe I am Elvis reincarnated? That would explain my love for woman and unbelievable pelvic thrust.

I think it's sad that his death became a joke. People jumped at every chance to make a Michael Jackson joke, it upset me. At the end of the day, he was a human, an AMAZING human that changed peoples life's.

When I was in Summer camp at about my Sons age ( 13 ,Yikes) I wanted to put together a show, where all the parents would come see us perform Micheal Jackson songs. I held a meeting at the monkey bars and pitched this grand idea to the other kids in my camp. Some loved it and some laughed at me. I was dead serious and even went out and bought a directors chair with my name on the back. I was a bossy child. Long story short, the little fuckers were never as serious as I was. It ended up being a one Man (Woman) show. My Mom came to watch me, and my "Thriller" was top notch. He sparked that little something in me that made me want to be a performer.

I bet most of us have a Michael Jackson story.

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