Thursday, May 20, 2010


People are going to google "Girl love" in hopes of finding some girl on girl action, and they are going to click here to find me giving shout-outs to my homegirls. Hey perv, I'm doing it in my panties *WINK*
Last night I attended charity event at Sappa. Well, me and a handful of "Models", did a Geisha run way show (please stop looking at my white face). I will post our Geisha pics as soon as I can get my hands on them. I forgot my camera, if you can believe it.

I have been loving my new girl connections lately, and they have me more giddy then the ones I have with stinky boys. I met Jamie Lynn last night. It was like I was reunited with my long lost Sista. The sad/awesome thing, is that I bonded more with her in 7 hours, then I did with my (so called) friend in 2 years. She was just real, and hella funny (yes, I said hella). Long story short, I love me some Jamie Lynn

Jamie Lynn

I love this story. My Ex Boyfriends Ex Girlfriend (stay with me here). We both have all of the reasons in the world to hisssssss at each other and yet after everything was all said and done, I found myself not only liking her BUT becoming pen pals and having really good girl chats via email. I can't explain it, but I genuinely like Kate. I hope to someday share these talks with her over a Martini in New York.

Kate Greer

Another example. When I wrote my "let's talk" pre menstrual-hater repellent-carb withdrawal's blog the other day, I got a really nice email from a gal that actually thanked me for writing it. That appreciation from both ends has sparked a friendship as well.

Kari Hawker

This only proves that when a door closes, another one opens up...with some really hot, smart and funny chick behind it.

For real, can these 3 girls be anymore Bonerific?

Cattiness is soooo 2009

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  1. WOW!!! These girls are beeeeeautiful. I guess pretty girls pull other pretty girls!

    Good for you. The more love the better and the more pretty then even better!!