Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Marie Antoinette.

I have fell in love with this movie. It pains me to admit that I'm so late in the game with this one. Especially after I have owned the soundtrack for years and in love with the music on the 2 disc CD set.

The story of Marie Antoinette has always fascinated me. Not only because I find her story interesting, but also because I'm in love with the 18th century and most anything French. I found this film to be lovely. I wish I could of experienced a cup of tea and cake in this era.

The dresses. The hair. The decor. 
Eye candy.

To think that Marie Antoinette was forced to encounter ridiculous traditions of the royal French, and how she was pressured to meet every ones demands. Produce an heir. Show concern in political matters in France. Seduce her husband (who apparently was not interested in her). Please the kings mistress, etc..all while being the tender age of 15.

Marie finds her peace in gambling, luxurious gowns, baked french pastries, champagne and men (sounds like my kinda gal). It eventually makes the French turn against her, and there for she got the nick name "The Queen of Spending". After all, she did tell them to eat cake. 

For now on, instead of pulling out my traditional insults, like "Your mama was a snow blower" or "You're a towel" I'm going to simply say "Meh, Let them eat cake".   

She takes on a lover (a very hot hot lover, if I may add) Count Axel Fersen. Who unlike her Husband, Louis XVI,  gave it to her good. If you know what I mean.

The sad part about this story is that she became an unpopular Queen. The truth is she did all of this by the age of 20. I guess the french didn't cut anyone slack for being young and really not knowing anything about how to be the Dauphine de France. What she did do, was act like any normal young girl. In return, execution. Off with her head.

Despite it's bad reviews (which I say screw the reviews and review it yourself) I thought it was a beautiful film. It sucked me in and now I'm just in love.

On my first trip to Paris with my BFF, Ashley, we set the camera on self timer, and accidentally snapped this very awesome picture, which I (of course) called "The Marie Antoinette".

Fabulously Decapitated.

I do declare...Cake!

*Ceremony by New Order has to be one of my favorite songs of all time, and it's featured on this glorious soundtrack.