Saturday, August 21, 2010

Strictly Sexual

Strictly Sexual

10th day of work in a row is over, a crazy night last night, and the weird mood I have been in all day. Mix all those in a brewing pot, and you have a movie night in bed. My TV kicked the bucket, and I have been far too busy to even care. Until tonight, when I realized watching a movie might be harder then I thought. Then I remembered I own a laptop (DING) and the Internet (DING DING) and I have been hearing about this Hulu thing. I browsed, and randomly picked this movie (maybe the title sold me?).

I love B movies. My love for them started with my Parker Posey movie nights back in High School. I like to see actors that I have never seen before. I buy the characters stories more. If Jennifer Aniston would of been one of the characters in this movie, my perception of the movie would of been tainted. She plays the same helpless love victim in all of them. And that goes along with my opinion on all the A list stars. I haven't gone to see "Eat Pray Love" because all I'm going to do is ask what happened to Richard Gere?, and make comments about how far that red headed hooker has come.

Unfamiliar faces. A great story line. Funny. Sex. Truth. SOLD!

Great Movie!

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