Thursday, May 20, 2010

Paris In The Spring (Final cut)

Last night I dabbled with the movie maker on this fancy Mac. FG and I got some really good clips while we were in Paris and I already had a vision before we ever got there (it's what creative minds do). It is a little long..maybe even too long? But, it was a week in Paris, so what's 7 minutes, huh?. So, without further adieu...I give you our Paris in the spring movie.


  1. Fun, witty, silly and fresh.. This is not Paris but a land far far away such as any prince would desire. A land full of wonder, a heart full of romance a head full of ideas and a mouth full of poetry.. Her eyes do not see Paris but yet another little place in the world of Barby just waiting for sweet discovery. This wondrous woman does not need a man at her side to view the world with.. She deserves a man that can view the world through her eyes and find it that much more intriguing.. one that can be a part of her free spirit and enjoy it all the more. One that sees all of her amazing strength is a benefit to any that walk as her companion. Be he strong but in ways that still require her to be strong for him.. Be he passionate for life full of hunger, but free of expection as to what it should be and can see what it can be..

  2. Such a cute video and you do Paris justice haha