Friday, March 18, 2011

Vous Me Manquez, Paris.

Tonight I got home from work. I laid in bed and missed Paris so much. Almost like missing a lover. Unable to sleep I decided to watch the video I made of the trip that FG and I took almost a year ago, only to find out that youtube blocked my video for copyright issues. Doing some research, and finding out that the Gorillaz song I used for the video was the reason it got pulled from youtube. What a crock of Gorilla pooh. Do they even know how long it took me to make that video? And they should be flattered I used their song on my piece of perfect cinematography. Bastards!

So I've been laying in bed crying. Not so much over the video getting the boot, but just missing Paris. Also from seeing these pictures and feeling so lucky to have had this experience and to have seen Paris, not only one time, but twice.  I mean, look at this picture. It's sensational, Aaaah Paris. I also have ovaries, so it's a given that crying will take place when I miss something. There's such a special place in my heart for this magical place.

Visiting Paris again is not a matter of if, but a matter of when.


  1. Ahh Barbyy! C'est Paris. Tu nous manques,aussi.
    Le rire, l'amour, la danse, la méchanceté particulière ... il n'a pas été le même depuis votre départ.
    Peut-être que nous pourrions organiser votre vol de retour pour une autre portion de Saint-Germain, Berthillon, Le Trocadéro et l'île Saint Louis? Reviens bientôt .... afin que nous puissions votre animal de compagnie jolie petite minou. Ensemble.
    Si un billet devait mystérieusement et arrivent pour toi le mois prochain...oseriez-vous?
    Parce que nous tu le souvenir d'être courageux ...

  2. The fact that you said you want to pet my kitty is kinda creepy, No? Listen CHICAGO, I think you got stuck on my page on your way to stalk my Girlfriend. Yeah? I appreciate you're attempts to be funny and witty, it's cute, like a kitty, but creepy as fuck!

  3. Leave Barby alone, you creeper. Let her do her thang. Which doesn't involve you.

  4. Yeeeeeeah, I got an army here, you creep sauce!

    Haahaha :D

  5. Gotcha girl.


  6. I love you more and more everyday!!!!!!!!!!

    Im a Duck! meow.... ... purrrrrrrr

    Now KISS ME YOU FOOL~ <3

  7. such a beautiful picture! (you and the eiffel) where in paris was this taken?? i would love to take a shot like this. is it at the trocadero? such an adventurous life you live :)

  8. Thank you. I'm not sure what the place is called, but it's where all the people flock to, to see it. You know? I wish I could tell you exactly where.